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Meet the new boss

Posted: October 14, 2012 by mearrin69 in Gaming
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We welcomed a potential new player to our group this Sunday; we’ll refer to him here as PL. We had a good time playing with him and hope that he’ll become a regular!

PL’s character is Abula Afari, a Mwangi sorcerer (demonic bloodline) who was exiled from his tribe when he began to manifest magical abilities. He was, of late, a crewman onboard the Rahadoumian merchant vessel the Man’s Promise. When the merchant was set upon and captured by the pirate ship Wormwood, Captain Barnabas Harrigan offered its crew the opportunity to join up or spend the rest of their lives at sea (at the bottom of it, actually). Afari decided the former proposal had the most merit.

Mister Plugg was appointed acting captain of Harrigan’s latest acquisition and charged with sailing her to Port Peril for sale at auction. Master Scourge would serve as his first mate and choose a prize crew to man the vessel. He chose much of the original crew, including our old friends, and several of Promise’s sailors, including Afari. They gathered their gear, boarded the ship, and set sail for Port Peril.

Once away, Plugg explained to the crew that the rules aboard the new ship were much the same as aboard Wormwood but that discipline would be a good deal stricter. All whipping offenses would now be administered by cat and there would henceforth be no evening’s rum ration or on-deck entertainment – in fact, anyone caught top-side after dusk would be in for lashes as punishment. Scourge and Plugg left our friends in their original roles: Shiera as cook’s mate (under Kroop, who had been exiled by Harrigan in favor of the better-smelling Rahadoumi cook from Promise), Keeya as rigger, and the rest as swabs. Afari was given a couple of tests and assigned to be a rigger.

By the second day it had become apparent to some of the crew, Keeya especially, that Promise appeared to be headed due east, instead of north as would be the expected course to reach Port Peril. She delicately asked Plugg about it and he replied that the ship had changed course the previous evening to avoid a storm know to be northward. She accepted the explanation, though there was no sign of a storm in that direction. Later that night, Slippery Syl Lonegan (MA: Psycho Killer, qu’est-ce que c’est) informed our friends that she had been sneaking around the night before and noticed the officers, including Plugg’s toadies Kipper and Patch, had held some sort of secret meeting in Plugg’s quarters late that evening. She tried to listen at the door with no success but couldn’t make out what was going on inside (MA: she rolled a 1, cut her ear on the keyhole or something).

The Promise maintained its course for the third and fourth days. By the end of that day it had run into the tail of another storm. Over the course of the evening and into the morning the storm grew in force and all hands were called to the deck to keep the ship afloat and on course. During the storm, as waves and wind stressed the Promise and visibility dropped to nearly nothing, the crew found themselves fighting boarders: grindylows from the briny deep! Our friends saw most of the action, and took some fierce wounds (MA: Killian nearly died!) fighting off the sea devils, before killing the creatures and sliding their bodies over the railing.

After the battle, the crew realized that neither Sandara Quinn nor Conchobhar Shortstone – no one knew when they had been last seen, though Sandara’s holy symbol of Besmara was found on the deck. As the storm abated and the crew came to terms with what had just happened, sharp-eyed Keeya noticed a rock protruding from the water off the port side. Too late to shout a warning, Promise collided with an underwater reef and lurched to a hard stop. Examination showed the hull had been breached starboard, just at the waterline, and the ship was taking on water fast. Additionally, the ship’s barrel had been breached, spilling most of their fresh water, and seawater had ruined much of their provisions. Plugg ordered the bilges manned and repair crews began ripping up the deck to patch the rent hull.

As dawn broke the crew saw that they had come to rest just a little over a quarter-league from a small island, due south of their position. Plugg ordered our companions, Afari, and one or two others to take the ship’s gig to the island to replenish the Promise’s supply of fresh water and food. Before they left Slippery Syl took Valana aside and told her that the group should watch their backs, as she believed the senior officers were plotting something. Valana made her promise to keep them informed using a mirror and code and then the group set off for the island.

The island appeared to be crescent shaped, dominated by a small jungle-covered ridge along its western shore. The north-eastern tip featured a short outcropping of rock, with what appeared to be an unlit signal fire at its peak. Between the ridge and the outcropping was a swampy area, probably salt marsh, and the ruins of a small fishing village.

The crew landed the gig on the island’s northernmost point and made their way to the outcropping. Valana and Afari made their way to the top and had a look around the island. From its peak they could see a tent of some kind in the swamp to the west, a field of crops in a jungle clearing, now overgrown and gone wild, and a survivor’s encampment on the southern tip of the ridge. On the eastern shore was a rich-looking grove of coconuts, potentially a good source from which to replenish the Promise’s larders. They climbed back down and the crew plotted their next move.

That’s where we left it on Sunday but we’ll take it back up again next week.

NB: I’m *way* behind on recapping these S&S sessions…but hoping to catch up soon. I’ll post them here as I get them completed, back-dated to when the sessions happened. The short of it is: the PCs tried to make nice with most of the crew to win friends, fought with Aretta Bansion and her cronies, explored the ship, did some boarding training, and, finally, engaged in a boarding action to win the Man’s Promise. Of course there were lots of nice little role-playing tidbits in there too…which is why I want to post a little more detailed account!