The Wormwood chronicles, Part V

Posted: September 23, 2012 by mearrin69 in Gaming
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And more:

Day 14 – Boarding school. 
Today the Wormwood’s gunnery master, Riaris Krine, tapped our friends (plus Tam “Narwal” Tate) for boarding training. She took them two at a time in the ship’s boat and had them practice throwing grapple lines back to the ship to shimmy across…while the rest of the group threw the contents of chamber pots, rotten vegetables, rat corpses, and worse at those crossing. They all did passably well at grappling, less well at actually crossing the line once it was attached. Keeya made it after a fall or two. The rest took the better part of the day to achieve results acceptable to Krine. (MA: If you think of Rosie as a foul-mouthed Italian girl from Brooklyn then you might think of Riaris as her older sister, who also happens to be a drill sergeant in the Marine Corps.)

Day 15 – Another day, another…turtle?
Shiera caught a bunch of turtles today and, because Kroop was again insensibly drunk, cooked them for dinner. It was edible. 

Day 16 – Are we there yet?
Valana did a commendably good job of fixing a broken hatch. Keeya tried to hypnotize Tate but it didn’t work well. Our friends’ relations with Maheem are static. Apparently he doesn’t like much of anybody on the crew and wants to stay as far away from the troublesome newcomers as possible. Shiera is becoming a passable cook…after a great deal of evening practice. The turtle soup tonight was pretty good.

Day 17 – Unpleasant duties.
Our friends have begun to notice that they’re ending up with the worst duties on the ship. They usually find themselves using the holy stone on the deck (murder on the hands), pumping out and swabbing the bilges, and catching rats. Master Scourge spends a lot of time whispering to other crewmen and it’s pretty clear at this point that he’s actively countering their efforts to make friends aboard Wormwood

Day 18 – Go away kid, ya bother me.
Killian decides to use the direct approach with Scourge. He approaches and makes a case for the newcomers, highlighting how diligently they’ve done their jobs, their efforts to improve crew morale, and so on. Scourge seems little moved and tells Killian to get out of his face.

Day 19 – The bilges.
Perhaps Killians efforts the previous day had some effect, as he received a better job than he had for the last few days. Valana, on the other hand, was sent to work in the bilges, along with Jaundiced Jape and Tate. On her way down, she was stopped by Mister Plugg, who had been informed that she might be armed. She handed over her dagger and went to work. In the bilges, she was soon accused by Jape of slacking off and the two began to brawl. Jape pulled a dagger and Tate jumped into the fight. Valana had given up her dagger, but not her brass knuckles, which she slipped on when harsh words began to fly. She pounded the two men into unconsciousness and then went up to report the incident.

Plugg and Scourge investigated and returned with grim looks. They reported that Jape had been killed, drowned in the bilgewater. Scourge ordered Valana locked in the sweatbox to await Captain Harrigan’s judgment at Bloody Hour that evening. When the time came, she was brought forth and the captain produced a scroll and read from it, “Valana: You stand guilty of murdering a fellow crewman and are hereby sentenced to keelhauling, to be carried out at noon tomorrow. Let this be a lesson to you!” She was placed again in the sweatbox to await her doom.

Day 20 – Sails on the horizon!
The next morning, shortly after the remains of the biscuit were put away and the crew had taken their posts, Keeya on lookout saw the distant white smudge of a ship’s sails. She eyed it for a moment, noted its flag, and called out, “Ship ahoy! Rahadoumi merchant. Looks like she’s loaded!” Mister Plugg and Captain Harrigan conferred for a moment and he gave the order to alter course to intercept. With the wind at their back, and some luck, they’d be on the slower merchant ship by morning!

(MA: I almost forgot to add this!) Her time in the sweatbox had taken its toll on Valana, though her friends had managed to sneak her some food and drink and Shiera had made a visit and called upon Besmara to ease her suffering a bit. After the Rahadoumi ship was spotted and the captain ordered a course change, he had Valana brought out and said, “I need all of my crew to help take this ship. You fight well and you’ll receive a pardon and be welcomed back as a crew. Fight poorly and you’ll die.”

Oh. See. Now that’s exciting. Stay tuned for the powerful conclusion…


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