The Wormwood chronicles, Part IV

Posted: September 16, 2012 by mearrin69 in Gaming
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And still more:

Day 10 – Hog…Lob?
Nobody seemed to miss Aretta much today. Shiera caught some turtles and, because Kroop was insensibly drunk, cooked them herself. The meal was so-so. Killian held an impromptu jam session with Grok in the galley and managed to talk her into giving back the rest of their belongings. He also noticed that Grok, often drunk, seemed to have trouble with the lock on the quartermaster’s store room. She thought she locked it but didn’t quite manage to do so. Valana, serving as runner, managed to make nice with Owlbear. Maheem was seen speaking with Master Scourge earlier in the day. He kept a particularly close eye on them as the rum ration was handed out. Killian managed a nice distraction, however, performing a Mwangi spiritual favorite while Rosie played fiddle and Concho and Shivikah danced. Even Maheem seemed impressed. Later Shiera had a little talk with him, with some scary back-up from Slippery Syl Lonegan (MA: Qu’est-ce que c’est). He was still somewhat surly but perhaps less so than before. That evening, Valana engaged in a game of Hog Lob with Jaundiced Jape, an unfriendly half-orc crewman. She did pretty well. (MA: When you think about Hog Lob, a game in which you toss a lead ingot wrapped in greased pig skin for distance, you really must say it in your mind as would Christopher Walken: “Hog…Lob?”)

Day 11 – Trouble in the sun.
Today the Promise passed quite near the Slithering Coast. The sun was bright and the water clear. As the ship passed an area of beautiful reefs Mister Plugg tasked some of our friends, and Slippery Syl, with going for a swim to catch some crabs for dinner. Since Keeya wasn’t a great swimmer, she convinced Plugg to let them take the ship’s boat. They rowed several hundred yards to a likely spot and did some diving. As they were grabbing crabs for their pots, however, one of the crabs grabbed back. A fierce reefclaw latched onto Killian and drew blood. Valana and the others tried to help and eventually managed to kill the monstrous crab and one other that had menaced them. They threw them into their crab pots and called it a day, though Killian did require some patching up by Shiera. (MA: Actually, he almost died!) Captain Harrigan was *very* glad to find out about the reefclaws, they’re apparently a Garundian delicacy, and gave Killian a potion to soothe his hurts. That night, after a fine meal of crabs, Killian told a story about reefclaws, providing some entertainment for the crew.

Day 12 – Whoops!
By now the days aboard Wormwood were beginning to blend somewhat for our new friends. Valana and Killian did their jobs very well, while Keeya and Shiera did less well. Baroque broke something or other while cleaning the deck and got a rope bash for his incompetence. The only true excitement of the day, however, came during the drawing of the evening’s rum ration. Shiera, purifiying an ever-growing number of cups of the stuff for their friends, had a hard time hiding what she was doing. Mister Plug noticed her saying prayers over the rum and confronted her about it. She sold a story about the blessings of Besmara and Plugg, amazingly, bought it.

Day 13 – Can I get some of that too?
Another day another…what? Shiera cooked a great meal today and the crew quite enjoyed it. Sated and in a good mood, Mister Plugg asked Shiera if he could try a cup of Besmara’s Blessed Rum. She obliged him. We don’t know if he felt better than normal the next day or not.

More reports from the Wormwood still to come.


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