The Wormwood chronicles, Part III

Posted: September 9, 2012 by mearrin69 in Gaming
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And even more:

Day 7 – A little rain must come…
The red sky this morning bore ill tidings. A storm loomed on the horizon and the crew prepared for the worst as the rains began to sweep the deck. Keeya, on lookout, failed to notice a large chunk of flotsam, likely churned out of the storm ahead, floating under the waves and it pounded into he hull but caused no damage. Shiera caught a few turtles, which Kroop cooked for dinner…taken belowdecks tonight due to the inclement weather. Later that evening, Shiera worked on her cooking skills. She and Valana both felt much better, the last of the ill effects of their rat bites finally abating.

Day 8 – The storm!
By dawn the storm was upon Wormwood and all crew were called to their stations to keep the ship afloat and on course. They worked double shifts. After her failure the previous day, Keeya was placed on repairs and rope duties. Shiera took over lookout duties during the day, not that there was much to see other than the massive waves threatening to capsize the ship, and Valana covered the second shift. Shiera did well but Valana missed seeing a huge piece a flotsam, the former figurehead of a ship lost in the storm. It collided with the foreward hull, port side, ripping a large hole there (fortunately well above the waterline!) Sometime during the second shift someone shouted “Man overboard!” and available crew rushed to the rails to see who it was and help if they could. It was Crimson Cogward, one of our group’s new friends. Killian sprang into action, tossing the flailing sailor a line, and the crew was able to pull Cog back onboard quickly. By the end of the day the crew was exhausted and took to their hammocks as soon as the storm died down.

Day 9 – There’s always a silver lining.
Today Valana and Baroque were assigned to repair the gash in the hull. Aretta Bansion was an unwelcome addition to their work party. Before they had gotten very far with the job, Valana had goaded Aretta into a fight. Baroque and Valana jumped on Aretta and pounded her mercilessly. Aretta, having gotten enough of the short end of the stick, pulled a blade. Her fate was already decided, however. Valana knocked her unconscious and then, in a snap decision, asked Baroque to help pick the woman up. They maneuvered her to the breach and tossed her out, Aretta’s body slipping quickly under Wormwood’s hull. After a suitable wait they went up on deck and gave the “man overboard” warning. Crew ran to the rails but Aretta was nowhere to be seen…except by Keeya, again on lookout, who spotted Aretta’s blue scarf well aft of the ship but said nothing.

Plugg and Scourge investigated but found no evidence of foul play and the incident was ruled an accident. At dinner that night Valana raised a toast to her fallen comrade and gave a little speech in her memory. Later, Slippery Syl Lonegan (MA: run, run, run away!) crept up behind Valana and aped sliding a dagger between her ribs, pulling her close and whispering, “How’d it feel to do her in? I love that feeling, sister! Did she beg?” (MA: Dexter talks about his “Dark Passenger”. Valana would know what he means. In SSL’s case, however, I think the fellow has kicked the driver out without slowing down and taken the wheel. She seems to really like Valana now. I think that’s sweet.)

Well, that’s what I call sailors behaving badly. Not nice at all. More reports from the Wormwood still to come.


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