The Wormwood chronicles, Part II

Posted: September 3, 2012 by mearrin69 in Gaming
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More fun and games aboard the good ship Wormwood as played at various locations around the beautiful Kiahanie campground and the north fork of the Willamette River:

Day 4 – Something in the bilges…
Life was becoming routine aboard the Wormwood, as the new crewmembers tried to do their duties and win friends among the surly crew. Keeya was assigned to mend sails with “Barefoot” Sams Toppin. She tried to make a connection with the former fisherwoman but utterly failed. Shiera tried her hand at fishing, and caught more than enough for the evening meal. She also found Kroop and Cut-throat Grok playing drinking games in the galley and taking turns on Rosie’s purloined fiddle. When they were well into their cups she swiped it and returned it to immense gratitude of the foul-mouthed halfling. Killian cheated a little at his deck-swabbing duties. Using the “holy stone” seemed a bit too much like work so he took the day easy and used prestidigitation to shine up the deck when nobody was looking. Valana kept her eye on the crew, sussing out attitudes and extant alliances among them. She gathered a fair bit on intel to share with her friends. Finally, Baroque was on repair duty. He did a fairly miserable job reattaching one of the heavy bronze kraken heads to the spokes on the wheel…causing it to fall onto the toe of the officer making a course correction.

Toward the end of the day, little Jack Scrimshaw ran onto the deck and reported to Mister Plugg that something had nearly bit him in the bilges. Plugg sent some “volunteers” down to check it out. He chose, of course, the newest crewmembers for the job. Down in the stinking waters of the bilges, they saw something swimming in the shadows and moved to check it out. Turned out to be the biggest rat they’d ever seen…soon joined by more vermin companions. Valana and Shiera were bitten by the filthy beasts and one somehow leapt from the water and took a nasty gash out of Baroque’s face (MA: Confirmed crit. Ouch!) before they had them all on skewers. They brought the carcasses back for Plugg’s examination and he pronounced it a job well done.

That evening, as Shiera was preparing to purify the rum, they noticed Aretta paying particularly close attention to their activity. Killian launched into a song about shipboard rats and exterminating them, with Rosie playing backup on her newly returned fiddle, and Concho playing the fool…imitating stabbed, strangled, and stomped rats. It was a good show, sufficiently distracting that none of the crew noticed Shiera’s hijinks with the rum. Later that night, Killian tried to capitalize on the crew’s elevated mood by trying to charm Fipps Chumlett a bit. He utterly failed, inadvertently insulting the obese sailor’s with a playful comment about his immense girth. Luckily Shiera was able to smooth things over somewhat by slipping Fipps a little extra grilled ahi.

Day 5 – The Owl Bear.
Today Keeya caught Aretta Bansion unawares. The former harlot was on rat-catching duty and had just ducked down behind some crates on deck to ferret out one of the nasty buggers. Keeya cast sleep and Aretta curled up in the warm morning sun for a little nap. She might have been okay, except that Keeya then caught Plugg’s attention to discuss a problem with the upper rigging and they “just happened” to walk by the sleeping sailor. Aretta was awakened with a hard kick and told she would receive lashes during the Bloody Hour. Baroque, serving as runner, knocked a bucket of washwater right onto a valuable chart and spent the rest of the day cleaning and drying it in the sun. Shiera brought Fipps some more extra rations and Killian, after easily completing his ropework duties, worked a little on Tam “Narwal” Tate, a surly dwarf. Valana had less luck making nice with Maheem, accidentally making some subtle insult about his tribe…well all Mwangi, actually.

That evening, Aretta received her three lashes. Killian, Rosie, and Concho, evilly, opened the evening meal (and rum purifying) with a rousing song about sleeping sailors. Aretta was not amused. Killian later seized on the opportunity to have words with Slippery Syl Lonegan, a scary cohort of Aretta’s. He made some headway convincing SSL that Aretta was on the way out and that she might want to look for some new friends. Shiera managed to insult Shivikah, a fellow Mwangi, who just happened to be from a tribe hostile to her own (MA: Bad Diplomacy. Whoops!)

Well into the evening, Plugg brought out his “pet”, the Owlbear. The giant of a man, still wearing tar and feathers from some cruel joke played by the crew, stood behind Plugg as he challenged any of the crew to take him on in a fist-fight…with a prize of 100 gold to the victor. Valana accepted and the two moved into a ring formed by the eager crew. She got the drop on Owlbear, faking with her left and connecting with the right. He ducked to avoid the first blow but took the second full-force. She quickly realized that the oaf was completely blind on his left side…he made no reaction at all. She used this to her advantage, ducking his slow (but powerful) swings and dancing around Owlbear leading him toward his blind side and landing punches all the while. Just for fun she guided him around so that his punch, when she ducked it, would contact with Aretta’s big left ear. (MA: You see how they treat her? Shameful!) Plugg saw the fight was going south and tossed a club into the ring, which Owlbear picked up and promptly bashed Valana in the skull. She knew she’d better make quick work of the battle and laid into Owlbear, knocking him out. Nobody suspected that she was wearing brass knuckles under her gloves…

Day 6 – Just getting by.
Our friends performed their jobs only adequately today. Shiera and Valana, had some excuse, having been feeling a bit ill due to an infection from the rat bites they received in the bilges on day four. Shiera cleaned and dressed their wounds and applied an old Mwangi medicine-woman balm (foul-smelling stuff) that seemed to help somewhat. Kroop was insensibly drunk today so Shiera was on her own with fishing and cooking. She caught plenty but the preparation was somewhat lacking. Valana and Killian mostly took work light and both spent some time with Shivikah. Amazingly, Killian knew a couple of songs from her homeland and sang them well, cheering the homesick Mwangi a bit. Shiera saved aside a couple of fish for Fipps, again earning the big man’s gratitude. Later that night, after dinner, Killian had a talk with Slippery Syl and she seemed to be becoming more friendly to the group, and less so toward Aretta.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more.


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