Labor Day gaming-camping

Posted: September 3, 2012 by mearrin69 in Gaming
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Our group just spent the five days leading up to Labor Day in the woods of Oregon, high up on the north fork of the Willamette River. It was gaming-camping at its best, though we certainly would have liked more gaming. We played some Pathfinder and Marvel in various spots around the river, drank some homebrew (and Captain Morgan’s), and spent some time with some non-gaming friends.

In Skull & Shackles (Pathfinder), we followed the next few days aboard the Wormwood as Keeya, Killian, Shieraa’ll, and Valana began to build up a power base aboard the ship and Master Scourge worked to undermine the reputation of the newcomers with Captain Harrigan and the rest of the crew. In Marvel, we revisited Captain America’s mission to a Hydra stronghold. HG joined the game as the imprisoned Spider Woman and together she and Cap faced down the Red Ghost and his “uplifted” monkeys. Expect recaps of these games from LL (Marvel) and MA (Pathfinder) soon.

We took some pics at a few of our gaming locations. Mobile gaming is fun.

That’s our gaming mascot, Kira. She joined us for all of the games.

HG also took an artistic pic of our bottle bodycount. No, we didn’t drink *all* of these. We had some help.


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