The Wormwood chronicles, Part I

Posted: August 26, 2012 by mearrin69 in Gaming
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After an eventful first day aboard the Wormwood, the new crewmembers settled in to their roles and came to terms with the realities of life aboard a pirate ship. Here’s the start of a day-by-day log of our new friends’ time aboard:

Day 2 – Laying down the law.
Crew are notified to be on deck for assignments by the first bell, and must arrive by the second or receive lashes. Valana and the others were accosted this morning by Aretta Bansion and her crew, including Fipps Chumlett, Jaundiced Jape, and Slippery Syl Lonegan. Before they can do much of anything, Keeya casts sleep on the agressors and all but Chumlett slumber. Valana intimidates Chumlett: if you’re not with us, you’re against us. He spills that Scourge doesn’t like the new group much, troublemakers, but Chumlett isn’t yet ready to join forces. The sleeping crew will later be punished with three lashes.

During the day, Valana is on rope and knot work and finds an opportunity to tease her by tying a noose and displaying it proudly. She also works on Giffer Tibbs and secures her support in opposing Aretta. Killian, on repairs, makes nice with the boy Jack Scrimshaw, giving him an interesting story to illustrate in his next carving project. That evening, Killian and Shiera try to collaborate to tell a tale of Besmara but the crew, frankly, wasn’t impressed. Besmara, apparently, wasn’t pleased much either…because she decided not to remove the ill effects of the rum ration for the evening.

Day 3 – That’s not funny!
Keeya and Valana did a little sneaking around the ship today, discovering little of interest. Killian, serving as runner, kicked over a bucket of mop water onto Mister Plugg’s boots while delivering a message. He escaped lashes by cleverly explaining that he had noticed Plugg’s boots were dirty. When he toweled them off for Plugg, lo, they were indeed cleaner!

The cook’s mate, Shiera, was informed by Captain Harrigan that today was a Besmaran high holy day, celebrating the return of the reefclaws. Maybe it’s just a Garundi thing, as Shiera had never heard of it. Nevertheless, she performed dilligently and caught four sea turtles for the evening’s feast. Kroop, drunk as usual, was of little help in the cooking of the day’s catch and Shiera, not being much of a cook, hardly did much better. That night at dinner she tried to make up for it with an oration about Besmara and the return of the reefclaws. The captain thanked her for her effort, though he clearly had no idea what she was talking about. Sandara Quinn, who had more knowledge of the proper methods of worshipping Besmara, was herself at a loss about the whole thing…

After dinner, our friends covered for the rum ration with a rousing song about sleeping pirates, during which Aretta was on the receiving end of a nasty little spell called hideous laughter (MA: cast by both Killian and Concho! GMTA, I guess.) The poor girl nearly choked on her rum! It caused such a commotion that Shiera was able to purify the rum ration unnoticed and Besmara was apparently quite fond of the whole spectacle, as she removed the worst effects of the poisonous concoction.

There’ll be more to say about the days that follow…much more.

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