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Posted: July 17, 2012 by mearrin69 in Gaming
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LL and I get together on Monday evenings to try random RPG systems, play non-RPGs, drink a couple of homebrews, and just hang out. Last night we played around some more with Margaret Weis Productions’ Marvel Heroic Roleplaying. It’s an interesting system that lends itself nicely to storytelling and seems to overcome some of the problems of playing superheroes using the more ‘simulationist’ systems. We’re going to keep experimenting with it and see if we can introduce it to the group at some point.

Spider-Man, MJ, and Luke Cage got together for the November 30th tree-lighting ceremony at Rockefeller Center in New York. MJ bought some Cole Haans and then headed toward the Movado store to have a look at the new models. The Mayor arrived and made his way to the podium by the tree, pressing the flesh as he went. To everyone’s surprise, the tree suddenly burst into flame and guns appeared in windows around the plaza. Spidey and MJ disappeared behind a tree to help him get changed while Luke grabbed a nearby Smokers’ Outpost and chucked it at the nearest gunman…the guy’s dentist is going to love Luke!

Then a new threat: the Santa several feet from our heroes pushed a boy off of his lap and stood up, seeming to morph into another form while reaching into his bag. He ordered the Mayor and his men to lay down their weapons and surrender. Spidey, now in costume, made a quick move and shot sticky strands to grab the bag and rip it away as it changed and twisted with a life of its own. This drew the new foe’s attention and enraged him. The unnamed villain, undeterred by the loss of his bag, reached into a pocket for an impossibly large hammer to squish the bug that was now bugging him, as the sidewalk beneath Spidey’s feet went a bit soft and he began to sink into the concrete. His spider reflexes enabled to twist under the weapon, however, and he managed to send it back to strike the Christmas freak square in the face…ouch!

After a little soliloquy we learn that the fake Santa is called Magnifique, a sorcerer and clearly Mad as a Hatter. He really needed to be stopped before he could cause any more chaos. Luke, himself a master of intimidation, realized Magnifique was using a lot of illusions to add to the confusion and decided to help out his buddy and put this fool out of the action once and for all. He rushed forward to grab the slab of concrete under Magnifique and uproot it, sending the creep tumbling backward. While it put him off balance he landed gently on an airbag that quickly grew from the cracked concrete behind him and he bounded back ready for action.

By now the crowd was going crazy, helped by the random gunshots raining down on the plaza and a few additional thugs who had now appeared in the plaza. The gunmen in the windows responded to Magnifique’s orders to “Take them down!” and took some shots at our favorite Wall-Crawler, who was all too happy to shoot out a swingline to dodge the bullets while leading their aim up and away from the crowd. Luke, meanwhile, ripped a string of lights off of a nearby tree and used it like a snare to take down three of the thugs in the crowd who had gotten too close to each other for their own good (he also got a couple of civilians…too bad).

After one last ineffectual attack by Magnifique, Spidey shut him down for good by wrapping up his head in a stream of webs and Luke delivered a knockout punch that left him seeing stars. Their boss down for the count, the rest of the gunmen took off to save their own skins. Magnifique is, no doubt, off to serve some time at the Raft! I wonder what tomorrow’s editorial by JJJ in the Daily Bugle will make of the chaos caused by the Web Head Menace and his thuggish friend? I expect he’ll call for renewed support of the SHRA.

Next Monday, LL is going to run something for me. I’ll play either Captain America (I’m a Pally at heart) or Iron Man.

NB: Magnifique was a villain of my own creation, loosely based on (don’t laugh) Felix the Cat. I’m not really a comic book guy but LL has been pushing me that direction and I’m growing more interested. She sent me home last night with some ‘homework’: TPBs of the first 24 issues of The Avengers and a couple large volumes of The Defenders. I got through issues #1 and #2 last night and, though they’re pretty *bad* I can see where a lot of the stuff I do like from the new Avengers movie has its origins. I think I can stomach iron suits with solar-powered flight if it gets me to modern-day Iron Man.

NB2: There was no zombie game on Sunday. I was away camping and LL and the group decided that our last session wrapped it up nicely. We’re going to pick up with Call of Cthulhu character generation next Sunday…though I’m going to dangle Dark Heresy out there just in case somebody wants a sci-fi alternative.


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